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Gym Landing Page

This is a landing page for an imaginary gym start up that has been created using HTML and Tailwind, which shows just how powerful Tailwind can be.


ToDo List

Small project which incorporates HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the ToDo List allows the user to make a list of jobs, tick off which jobs have been completed delete jobs if necessary and finally the ability to remove all jobs from the ToDo list. Stores everything locally and shows correct date.



Simon is based on the retro electronic game Simon, where a random path of colors flash and the user has to try and replicate the given sequence. The score is recorded, once the user hit a wrong color the game ends. This was created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Virtual Drum Kit

Virtual drum kit, giving you the ability to play beats for drums in real time along with your favorite songs with virtual drum kit by pressing the appropriate keys on your keyboard or using the mouse to click the screen which corresponding to the drum kit elements in order to create a drum sound of your choice. created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Care company Website

This website was for a new start up and was built to the clients specifications, this was one of the first websites that was done when i finished University.

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